The Clash of Classics

Client: Bang and Olufsen  |  Type: Strategy, CMF (Colours Materials Finishes), Campaign Creative, Editorial and Digital Design  |  Year: 2019  |  Agency: Trouble

At Bang and Olufsen, the product color updates (CMF) is consolidated into two seasonal collections mimicking the fashion and interior industries. For AW19 we helped Bang and Olufsen create a unique collection of products. From setting the colors and materials of the physical products to creating the campaign, we carried out this ‘Clash of Classics’ all the way from ideation to execution.

See the whole AW19 Collection here

The AW19 collection for B&O was inspired by the idea of the new interacting with the old to create a clash between two worlds. Pink is fresh, fierce and youthful. Brown is warm, calm and confident.

We use peony, chestnut and tan to tell a story about the ever-changing relationships between old and new, emotional and sober, human and artificial. We stage the clash of the collection colors by styling our models tone-in-tone in two monochrome universes. Through collages and animation, we make the two worlds converge. They elevate each other in a bold and bright campaign expression with huge contrast in colors, sizes and model diversity.


When working with colour, the challenge is to find something different than what has been done before – To find the exact shade and come up with a timeless and meaningful product. We read colour trend reports, we make research, we write keywords; We work mood and material boards to get to just the right upcoming shades.